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A collage of images showcasing use of IoT in managing medication and compliance

Leveraging Next-Gen IoT for Managing Medication and Compliance

About HealthBeacon

HealthBeacon is a medication adherence technology company that develops smart tools for managing medication. HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System™ is used by patients who self-inject medications at home. It is digitally connected and programmed with personal medication schedules and uses customized reminders to help participants stay on track. HealthBeacon products are designed with patient empowerment as their top priority, which has led to 96% of patients accepting HealthBeacon products as part of their treatment.

TxWireless™ has worked with HealthBeacon to provide the critical infrastructure and technologies to realize the solution. Based on the TxWireless EDGE IoT hardware and software platform, HealthBeacon and TxWireless worked together to develop a custom solution that automatically monitors and helps manage patient medication management and compliance levels. Each HealthBeacon customer has secure access to a unique platform that presents the data in an easy-to-understand format. Using the TxWireless EDGE IoT hardware enables a cost-effective short and long-range wireless platform for IoT. Combined with TxWireless EDGE Insights™, this provides a scalable end-to-end solution for easy control, maintenance and secure management of many connected patient management devices.

The Challenges:

One of the most difficult challenges for patients when self-injecting medications is adhering to their schedule of injection. Evidence suggests that patients, on average, comply with their medicine schedules only 50-70% of the time. Patients need an automated process for adhering to medications so they no longer are required to remember sometimes complicated schedules.

The Solution:

The increased ability to digitally measure, monitor, and refine therapeutic data can revolutionize patient care. HealthBeacon Injection Care Management System is centred around connecting medications and data to the patient’s own outcome. The convergence of data and devices enables real-world evidence to be transmitted seamlessly between healthcare systems and clinician offices, shifting personalized healthcare toward precision medicine and digital therapeutics. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the connectivity it provides are accelerating the adoption and scaling of these platforms, leading to increased efficiencies and increased medication compliance.

The Outcome:

With an automated process for adhering to medications, patients no longer need to remember sometimes complicated schedules, resulting in 80-90% of patients complying with their medicine schedules and improving healthcare outcomes.