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tomas omahoney

Tomás O'Mahoney

Tomás is a qualified accountant (FCCA) with 17 years combined accounting and operations experience in various roles. His experience has been gained in Ireland, Australia and Canada and ranges from working in SMEs, such as Fonua, to multinational companies, such as Western Union.

He joined TxWireless in January 2019 and has a proven track record in leading teams, simplifying complex issues into manageable tasks and delivering positive outcomes. As Managing Director of TxWireless, Tomás is focused on all aspects of the organization, identifying and leading strategic initiatives to ensure operational excellence and commercial success.


kurt larson

Kurt Larson

Kurt, a seasoned wireless systems enthusiast with over two decades of experience, is dedicated to developing cutting-edge products. His early career involved designing complex products for medical and defense applications. Transitioning into product management, Kurt was pivotal in creating embedded system-on-modules for defibrillators, infusion pumps, ventilators, and soldier-worn radio systems. In 2013, he co-founded NimbeLink, contributing to its success in launching cellular-connected products.

The 2021 sale of NimbeLink marked a significant entrepreneurial milestone. Kurt’s achievements include winning the 2016 Tekne award, leading NimbeLink to Inc. 5000 recognition, and securing its position as the 2nd fastest-growing company in Minnesota in 2019.

Kurt holds degrees in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and an MBA from Duke University, showcasing expertise in diverse wireless technologies and manufacturing processes. His knowledge encompasses low-power design, secure device development, cellular networks, SIM card technologies, and various wireless systems, demonstrating proficiency in embedded operating systems and processors.


adrian burns

Adrian Burns

With over two decades of software development expertise at Intel, Qualcomm, Teleca and IBM, Adrian Burns is deeply experienced in harnessing IoT’s transformative potential. He held key roles in leading IoT hardware and software platforms, specializing in connected device security, connectivity and manageability.

Adrian co-founded TxWireless in 2015 and has experience in Medical, Industrial and Transportation/Automotive sectors.

Committed to improving healthcare, transportation and the environment, he advocates for remote monitoring solutions that can improve quality of life and technology-driven improvements in Education and Healthcare for underprivileged communities.


fergal brennan

Fergal Brennan

Fergal leads the Engineering team, shaping the platform’s architecture and design. With 25+ years in research, design, and manufacturing, Fergal enhances engineering capabilities through strategic programs. His expertise spans harsh environment IoT systems for Marine Imaging and Telemetry and hardware design for power-constrained telemetry systems. Fergal holds an Honours degree in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Electronic Systems and IoT: his educational background blends theory and practical experience in Hardware, Firmware, and Image systems design.

Fergal’s career highlights include leading award-winning product designs, co-authoring a patent on image-based metrology, and delivering keynote speeches at industrial conferences. Beyond work, he shares his engineering passion by lecturing at TU Dublin’s night school and enjoys running, reading, and renovation projects.


derek browne

Derek Browne

With over 15 years of diverse experience spanning the Microprocessor, Medical Device, and Cellular Connected Smart Device industries, Derek brings a wealth of expertise and innovative thinking to the table, ensuring clients seamlessly integrate solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

A Technological University Dublin alumnus with a Computer Science degree, Derek’s early career at Intel as an embedded firmware engineer and team manager contributed significantly to Intel’s early IoT ambitions. Transitioning to effective technical team and project management, he excelled in delivering class 2/3 medical device software solutions.

As the Head of PMO and Technical Operations at TxWireless, Derek’s refined skills in overseeing large-scale projects and commitment to excellence in client-centric and collaborative solutions make him an invaluable asset, steering TxWireless towards continued success.



james foran

James Foran

In 2023, James joined TxWireless, bringing 25 years of experience in electronics and manufacturing. A 2019 MBS in Business Practice graduate from IMI Dublin. He also holds postgraduate credentials in management, finance, and business development from the IMI and electronic engineering qualifications from Technological University Dublin.

Throughout his career, James contributed significantly to SME success with pivotal roles in operations and commercial leadership.

As the Operations Manager at TxWireless, he oversees suppliers and contract manufacturing partners, ensuring seamless operations while driving efficiency in the supply chain. James’s extensive experience and diverse skill set make him an asset in optimizing TxWireless’ manufacturing operations.


shane bradley

Shane Bradley

Shane has extensive experience in account management, distribution, support, and analysis. Serving as a key liaison for automation, process control, analysis, and billing, he drives ease of use for both TxWireless’ customers and internal teams.

Shane began his career with a degree in Information Technology Support from GMIT and honed his skills over a decade, emphasizing account management. Notable achievements include coordinating launches for Samsung and GoMo in Ireland, winning a tender for supplying phones to Harvey Norman, and streamlining processes for flagship device launches from Apple and Samsung. In 2022, Shane brought the IoT division under ISO9001 scope. He played a crucial role in the most significant production for the IoT division for a key medical customer.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Shane contributes to raw milk production in the West of Ireland and finds joy in witnessing technology’s innovation in farming, envisioning its transformative potential across industries.